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Our Technology

HW Platform + Image Process + DL/AI

We can design SoC & FPGA platform.

We have diverse experience about real-time image process.

We have interest in application deep-learning & artificial intelligence to diverse application such as game, financial area, image recognition and so on.

Brad, CEO (Ph.D)
System Architecture
Mobile AP, CCTV, ADAS,
Deep-learning SoC
William (M.S)
SoC/FPGA System
Mobile AP, ISP, ADAS,
Deep-learning SoC
Louis (B.S)
System SW
C++/Phython Design,
NN Model Research
Dean (B.S)
System SW 
Deep-learning Network Dev., Python
Peter (B.S)
System SW/FPGA
C++/Phython Design,
Deep-learning Framework
Daniel (B.S)
Application Design
C++/Phython Design,
NN Model Research

Inference Platform

Supports a standard deep-learning inference platform. It is suitable for edge AI applications and follows the industry-standard. Not only supports Independent TACHY platform of Deeper-I but also supports inference using Tensorflow-lite, ONNX etc. Gstreamer and OpenCV make it easy to use input/output accelerator.

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