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Smart Mobility

Image based deep learning has different performance depending on the environment, such as the night.

Deeper-I provides solutions that are not affected by the environment using different sensors.

Solutions are optimized and operate in real time on edge devices.

It is the foundation of smart mobility such as autonomous transport systems, public transportation, etc.

Thermal Object Detection

The Thermal Object Detection Solution detects and recognizes various objects from the images of the Thermal Observation Device.
It recognizes multiple objects simultaneously with low latency and high accuracy.

It recognizes multiple objects in real time on the edge device with low latency and high accuracy.
It shows powerful performance to detect even small objects that are difficult to recognize with the eyes.


LiDAR point cloud based 3D Object Detection

3D Object detection technology find and recognize the objects from LiDAR cloud point.

All nearby objects can be detected higher and constant performance even if the surroundings are dark.

It also operate quickly and accurately in real time on edge devices.


(Image: Johann Riemensberger, EPFL)

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