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Smart Vision

Deeper-I provides a solution by applying image processing based deep learning technology to cameras, including CCTV.
It analyzes the video in real time for various purposes such as strengthening national security, social protection, and preventing accidents on edge devices.

It makes it more cost-effective with low power, high accuracy, and fast speed.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

The License Plate Recognition(LPR) solution is a solution that detects and recognizes vehicles and license plates.

The license plate can be recognized in all areas of the image, and satisfy low latency.

It also provides an optimized LPR solution for real time recognition on edge devices.


Driver Status Monitoring System

The Driver Status Monitoring System(DSMS) solution recognize the driver's danger using deep learning.

It recognizes yaw, pitch, and roll of the head from the 2D image.

The driver's drowsiness is quickly and accurately detected by checking the driver's eyes and head.

It can also operate in real time on edge device.

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